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PornoTube is an advertising-supported pornographic site that provides audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex totally free.

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It enables its users to upload their very own pornographic media (user-generated content). It is among the highest-traffic pornographic websites along with YouPorn and has been described as a major rise in Internet pornography.Your website offers amateur sex clips, clips from pornographic websites, and scenes of standard porn movies in the straight, gay and lesbian category.


PornoTube was began in July 2006 with the company AEBN that is situated in Charlotte, Nc. A substantial competitor of PornoTube is YouPorn that has been started in late August 2006 and, as outlined by Alexa, has since overtaken PornoTube in popularity. PornoTube and YouPorn have emerged as posing notable competition for paid pornographic websites and traditional magazine and DVD-based pornography.

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Concerns are already expressed over the wherewithal to verify age of the individuals depicted inside the videos, the opportunity of copyrighted videos being uploaded for the site, and also the chance of privacy violations when private sex tapes are uploaded minus the consent of most involved parties.


PornoTube received increased attention at the end of 2006 when an alleged sex video of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared online.

Post by bestfreep0rn (2016-10-11 11:33)

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